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MCN | Multi Channel Network

What is a Multi Channel network?

A multi-channel network (MCN) is an organization that works as a service provider for YouTubers. These companies offer assistance to a channel owner by helping them with:
Influencer Product placement, Cross-promotion, SEO optimization, Growth tools, Monetization, sales, and Audience Development. In exchange for a percentage of ad revenue from the YouTube channel.

History of Multi Channel Networks

YouTube didn't create Multi channel networks for the purpose they have today.
It's what they've grown into by businessman maximizing the tools YouTube licensed them.

At the beginning of YouTube, media companies active on TV or VOD (Video On Demand) video platforms wanted to jump into the hype that YouTube had created!

To accommodate the need to mass-upload content and handle the rights of their video series, YouTube created a CMS tools. A system initially designed to monetize, block, and track content using policies.

Monetization allows these companies to generate revenue from their content distribution.

The block system prevents a video from being viewed, expendable by GEO blocking video's trough content policies. Very useful if a content owner only has the distributing rights to a specific country.

Tracking allows content owners to see the analytics of any re-uploaded/pirated video's which are infringing the content owners copyrights. Ultimately claiming the revenue generated from these re-uploaded/pirated video's.

YouTube's CMS is a tool to keep track of multiple YouTube channels while keeping them under one big umbrella account.

However, smart businessmen came with the idea to use this tool to recruit influencers for a percentage of their ad revenue. In return, they'd help them grow and put their contacts to work.

YouTube networks were now born, but it's not what YouTube originally intended — becoming apparent when YouTube decided to ban Subnetworks.

A subnetwork is a separate brand or company which recruits YouTubers for an MCN, in exchange for compensation or some consideration.

Well, YouTube claims they bring confusion to YouTubers and decided to ban Subnetworks!

It was an excellent way for MCN's to 'automate' recruitment. But caused confusion for the creator as he/she believed they signed up with the Subnetwork but were actually rolled up under another company's CMS.

Read YouTube's Subnetwork Policy here

What does a Multi Channel Network (MCN) do?

One of the many purposes of Multi Channel Networks is the management of digital rights. Which means: protecting content on YouTube. Often also distributed on TV or any VOD (Video on Demand) service like Netflix.

Recently YouTube professionalized their platform by tightening their community guidelines and policies. These changes made it a lot more attractive to join a YouTube Network, as many influencers fail to follow the YouTube Partner Program policies.

This doesn't mean a YouTube Network's a loophole to work around YouTube's Partner Program. Instead, they'll help you get inline with YouTube's policies if you join them in return - Fair business.

There are some cases where creators are inline with YouTube's policies but will still get rejected.
A typical example being: Music channels. These content creator might have written notices from the rightful owners, but verifying this costs YouTube a lot of manual work.

In that case, YouTube will reject you from their partner program!
As their platform is built on automation...

Luckily, YouTube networks have a backup! If you can prove that you've carefully handled the rights of your video's, they might put you into their managed network. Making your channel fall under the category Owned & Operated (O&O).

Having an Owned & Operated channel means the MCN obtained the rights to your channel’s YouTube content and takes full liability for the content on YouTube. Making it a way to monetize your content even if YouTube rejected you for their partner program.

A Multi Channel Network can also help you contact YouTube. Handy if you're facing any issues! A network has direct contact with dedicated YouTube Partner Managers, which are there to help you out!

Joining a YouTube Network also comes with some other benefits! Many networks offer their partners free licensed tools! These tools are there to help you sell and monetize merchandise. But there are also tools which will provide access to royalty-free music library's - often called background music licenses.

Our Multi Channel Network.

HashtagNetwork is the European department of Radarpix (located in Miami, Florida).
The reason we decided to call ourselves HashtagNetwork, instead of Radar Europe was to make sure we wouldn't limit ourselves to the European market.

It is shown to be the right decision, as a large part of our clients is located in other continents.

Our focus lies on innovation and making sure the market keeps moving.
We've helped grow our clients significantly and are continually doing research to find what works on YouTube and what doesn't.

Want to become a part of a thriving community and network?

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