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What is a YouTube Network

A YouTube Network or Multi-Channel Network is an organization that helps its partners grow by the use of their connections and knowledge of YouTube's features and algorithm.
It's in their best interest to help the partner grow their channel and revenue, as their monetization comes from a revenue-share with their partners. The Network will set up strategies for the YouTube partner and use its resources and system to address any number of problems and boost the partner's performance while having them keep their freedom.

How do YouTube Networks make money?

A YouTube Network or Multi-Channel Network makes its money by helping to arrange sponsorship deals for their partners. They also make money by growing and optimizing their YouTube partners channel as they usually have an arrangement in the form of a revenue split. 

Do YouTube Networks still work?

A YouTube Network works! Their tremendous experience with many YouTubers, helps them grow your YouTube channel! Every artist needs a good team around them.
A YouTube Network is basically the same as a manager.

How do multi channel networks work?

A YouTube Network or Multi-Channel Network works by listening carefully to their clients/partners.
It's both their common goal towards growth, which makes the combination so powerful!
As a YouTuber, it's tough to stay on top of everything while creating YouTube videos!
That's why a YouTube Network is your perfect match! 

How do YouTubers get paid?

A YouTuber often gets paid in 1 of these three ways.
1. Trough their YouTube Network, which gives custom and favorable payment methods for currency exchange.
2. Trough influencer/sponsorship deals with business partners.
3. Trough Adsense (very unfavorable)

How do YouTubers make money?

YouTubers now have various ways to make money on YouTube.
A YouTube Network or Multi-Channel Network will often give them the ability to place Ads so they can monetize their YouTube Videos. Making YouTube a great way to work at home!

However, your content needs to meet YouTube's advertiser-friendly content guidelines.

Another new way to make some money on YouTube is via Super Chat!
Superchat is a new way to interact with your viewers by highlighting and sometimes pinning their message in your Livestream's chat!

The most common ads are Display ads, Overlay ads, Skippable video ads, Non-skippable video ads, Bumper ads, and Sponsored cards.

Another way YouTubers make money is by selling merchandise and other real-world-goods these YouTubers often let their YouTube Networks help them out with this.

Also if a YouTuber subscribed to YouTube premium watches your video, you’ll get rewarded with a part of the fee they pay for YouTube Premium

What payments methods does Hashtag Network accept?

Hashtag Network offers its partners multiple payment methods!
This way, people who live in countries which block certain payment services can still get paid!

Our payment options include:

eCheck / Local Bank Transfer (minimum USD 50.00. + fees)
Wire Transfer (minimum USD 100.00. + fees)
PayPal (minimum USD 10.00. + fees)
Prepaid Debit Cards (minimum USD 10.00. + fees)

So does we have any payment thresholds? Yes, we do!
Our lowest payment threshold is USD 10, and our highest threshold is USD 100!

So is there a reason to go for a higher payment threshold then?
Yes, because the higher threshold payment method often has lower fees!
Making larger channels often choose a higher threshold and vice-versa.

Should I join a YouTube Network?

An artist / influencer or any famous person, is only as strong as the team behind them!
We're convinced that we will make your channel grow! Want to try us out? Just shoot us an e-mail ;)

Do we work with a lockin contract?

HashtagNetwork tries to give it's partners the flexibility and freedom they need.
YouTube is fast-moving, and so is it's business.
Therefore we decided to offer our YouTube community partners the flexibility of a no lockin contract meaning creators may choose to leave anytime they'd like. 

Does HashtagNetwork offer any content id deals?

Yes, we do!
HashtagNetwork has a lot of experience with the protection and management of digital rights
We make sure that your original content is safe!
We'll help you sort out any copyright issues with any content creator!
When someone uses copyrighted content in a YouTube video, we'll make sure that the rightful content owners receive their revenue and are able to track the progress via our digital rights management tools.

Everything we do is in-line with the latest copyright 2019 rules and YouTube's community guidelines.

Is HashtagNetwork one of the top youtube networks?

We don't like to brag about ourselves, but we're sure that we belong in the list of top YouTube Networks.
We've been able to help many of our larger partners and smaller channels grow and monetize SIGNIFICANTLY. Our vision has brought our influencers a service which helps them get away from adsense and create many opportunity's which they never expected to receive.
Our company tries to adapt our amazing creators / influencers strategies to the latest policy and algorithm changes whilst staying in-line with YouTube's policies and community guidelines. 

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