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What is HashtagNetwork?

HashtagNetwork is a community partnership with Age Media.
Our YouTube Network is growing popular YouTube Channels since 2015!
We only allow a small number of clients to join our network.
Giving us our distinctive edge.
We are here for you!

YouTube Demonetization

Do you have Monetization issues?

Is your YouTube Channel facing monetization issues?
But do you have permission or legal contracts to use the content?
Great! This means you're probably still able to monetize your channel!

Meet our new Monetization service: HashtagLicensing!
Assisting you to monetization status, whilst ensuring you stay in line with new policies over time.
Monetization problems are here to stay,  but are you willing to adapt?

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Join our YouTube Network (MCN) and get your own personal YouTube Expert!

YouTube Money


Earn money Trough your own YouTube Videos!

YouTube SEO


Our Specialization, Getting traffic on your awesome YouTube Videos!

YouTube Partner Program


All the info you'd possibly need to succeed and join YouTube's Partner Program!

YouTube to MP3


Turn a YouTube video into a MP3 file, We'll learn you how to do it!


Get your YouTube Channel Monetized again!


Add fan video submission!
Document the awesome rights of your videos!
And most important retaining Monetization status on YouTube!

Attention: If you want to use HashtagLicensing, please email us at

HashtagNetwork Support

Perfect Partner Support

Get a happy personal expert for any of your questions!

HashtagNetwork and its great partners are YouTube Specialists ready to answer your questions!

Experience our 5 star service!

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Discord Server

Start collaborations and learn video editing and optimization tricks!

Our community is here to help and together we grow and help each other gain exposure!

Join our server!

Check out our YouTube Network FAQ:

How long is HashtagNetwork's contract?

The terms of Our contract vary from 3 to 24 months dependant on the service.
We don't believe in no-lock-in contracts, we believe in a strong positive partnership!
And for that we need to invest time, therefore we kindly request you to stay with us for a specific period so that we can actually invest time into growing your channel!

What revenue share will I get?

The revenue share you receive depends on our positive involvement in your channel.
Our revenue shares vary anywhere from 60/40 to 85/15

What is a YouTube Partnership network?

A YouTube Partnership network is the same as a Multi-Channel Network or YouTube Network.

The goal of a YouTube Network is to earn a percentage of YouTubers Ad-revenue by providing them with very helpful services and growth!

A contract is signed which provides both parties with a positive outcome in the case of growth!