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Welcome to HashtagNetwork!

HashtagNetwork is a Dutch Youtube Network(MCN), that's focused on its clients' growth.
Partnering up with HashtagNetwork and Age Media together, open a lot of new doors!

We believe that running a YouTube channel, shouldn't be overwhelming!

HashtagNetwork is here to help you monetize and grow your audience!
We'll provide tips for managing your rights, using our content submission form, timestamping your videos, creating a merch store! And many more! Let's get started! 

What makes us different?

We've started our network, as we were disappointed by our own experiences with other input, no growth, nothing was happening, but we were paying a percentage!
And we decided that is something that needed to be stopped!

So here we are today with 4-5 years of experience in the MCN world, making our customers happy on the daily!

We can monetize any channel!

When you're running a music/compilation/best moments or any third party sourced YouTube Channel, you're probably facing monetization issues!

We've developed an industry-leading solution called HashtagLicensing to monetize any channel which is in this category!

What are HashtagNetwork's requirements?

At HashtagNetwork, we don't believe that everyone is in need of a YouTube Network.
We also don't believe in a specific set of requirements to join us!

We believe in active business partners, and that's what we want to be to you!
Therefore, we don't have any requirements, but we evaluate every channel on a one-by-one basis!

What revenue share will I get?

The revenue-split is dependant on what services you require from us, and how involved you want us to be. So please contact us to get a specified revenue-split.

What is the contract period?

As we don't believe in working with massive numbers of YouTubers like other networks do, but instead believe in building your YouTube business together, we need some time!

Therefore we don't work on a no-lock-in contract basis, but we work with a 3 to 12 month period in which we will put our best efforts forward to help you grow your YouTube Business!