Our YouTube Network has been providing YouTube SEO training and Growth Hacking since 2016.

Helping many great YouTube channels increase their traffic to heights they never imagined before!

All while improving their YouTube presence, E-commerce, and ad revenue!

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Our YouTube network specializes in Monetization and YouTube SEO.
We believe these are the most important metrics to succeed in 2020.

What can we do in terms of Monetization?
We've specialized ourselves in getting Demonetized channels monetized again.
More and more YouTubers are getting Demonetized By YouTube's new rules, and we're to help you solve those issues!

We are currently the only YouTube Network (MCN) that can do this.

In the last couple of months, we've started to focus ourselves on this massive problem, and after a lot of talking with YouTube's team and our clients, we came to a solution.

With our new method, we're able to monetize any channel that's been demonetized for using reused content, so if that's something you struggling with. Send us an e-mail at support@hashtagnetwork.net and tell us all about your channel.

What does HashtagNetwork do in terms of YouTube SEO?
As YouTube is now the second-largest search engine, it's so important to have a proper YouTube SEO strategy. We've noticed that only a small portion of YouTubers (even some large ones) actually know how to do YouTube SEO.

Because of this, we've decided to do a lot of experiments with SEO tactics.
Now, after a lot of trial and error, we know what works and what doesn't.
And with that information, we can help you out too!

We often see a 20% traffic increase after properly optimizing your YouTube Channel! Meaning we've basically already earned ourselves back already!

What are HashtagNetwork's Contract terms?
Here at HashtagNetwork, we believe in transparency and freedom! 
Because of that, we've decided to go for a No-lock-in contract!
Meaning you're free to go anytime with a 30 days notice!

We offer a Revenue-Share based on what we think your channel needs!
Please feel free to e-mail us for a personalized growth plan, and a corresponding revenue share!

What Payment methods do you offer?
We offer multiple payment solutions for our partners, as different countries accept different payment methods.

These are the payment methods we offer:

- eCheck / Local Bank Transfer (minimum USD 50.00)
- Wire Transfer (minimum USD 100.00)
- PayPal (minimum USD 10.00)
- Prepaid Debit Cards (minimum USD 10.00)