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YouTube Play Button What's inside

Most experienced YouTubers know YouTube rewards its users for hitting certain milestones. This article is written to explain everything about YouTube's Play buttons.
How they are made, where they are made, what they are made of, and how you can get one yourself! Have fun reading!

So what rewards does YouTube Give out?

YouTube rewards its video creators with some incredible awards!
What awards are there? Even more important, what does YouTube require to receive these awards? YouTube publicly lists three awards in the form of Silver, Golden, and even Diamond YouTube Play Buttons! However, some of the best creators have received secret awards, one of these creators is PewDiePie, he received a Ruby YouTube Play Button!

YouTube Silver Play Button

The Silver YouTube Play Button

After hitting the 100.000 subscribers milestone, YouTube rewards content creators with a Silver Play Button. Analytics shows that most channels turn into real businesses after hitting this milestone — the reason for this being YouTube's algorithm, which starts favoring larger performing channels over smaller YouTube channels.

YouTube Gold Play Button

The Golden YouTube Play Button

YouTube rewards Content Creators achieving a massive 1.000.000 subscribers with the giant Golden Play Button. Reaching this milestone is a considerable achievement; as most YouTubers will never get to this point. This YouTube Channel is now considered an expert which YouTube's algorithm will now make even more apparent.

YouTube Diamond Play Button

The Diamond YouTube Play Button

International Stars reaching an absurd 10.000.000 subscribers will receive the extraordinary Diamond Play Button. Which is incredible realizing 144/233 countries have populations sizes smaller than 10.000.000! The channel is now on its way to become the next media sensation.

What are the YouTube Play buttons made of?

So YouTube is giving out valuable materials in the form of a play button triangle if your channel qualifies a specific milestone? Let's find out what these Play Buttons really are made of, and if your play button really is the metal you're expecting.

As the subscriber count for the next milestone rises, the play buttons also get progressively bigger. We'd expect the metals of the youtube creator reward to become more valuable too!

A verified YouTuber reaches a specific milestone, but does he get what he/she expects?

We did some research, and this is what we found:

What the Silver Play Button is made of:

A few YouTubers which have reached 100,000 subscribers were as curious as we were and decided to break open the silver play button! And what did they find?
It's actually 92% nickel, 5% carbon and 2.5% zinc, and a small composite of other materials.
So your 100k subscribers creator reward is really a Nickel play button.
To be honest, you'd expect something more if you reach 100,000 subscribers.

What the Gold Play Button is made of:
So these crazy 2 YouTubers called JerryRigEverything and WhatsInside made a video called:
What is the Gold Play Button REALLY made of?!?
In that video, they use a 750,000 dollar Electron Microscope to find out what the exact elemental make up of the Gold Play Button is! There's a statement on the play button itself which states that it's actually 24 Karat Gold, but here is what they found in the video.

The front of the Gold Play Button is made out of the following elements:
79.5% Nickel, 15.5% Gold and a mix of 5% consisting of Zinc and Copper.
Making it far from 24 Karat Gold.
(Something which tubefilter and YouTube has made us believe.)

The back of the Gold Play Button is actually even more interesting!
As it's elemental make consists of 80% nickel and 20% gold.
Making the rear exist out of more gold parts than the front, which is odd.

They also inspected the inside of the Golden Play Button!
And it was made out of the following composite:
70% Copper and 30% zinc, so there's actually not a single piece of Gold in the middle!

The conclusion is that the Gold Play Button is actually a Gold Plated Button, which also isn't 24 Karat gold. Didn't expect that one YouTube...

What the Diamond Play Button is made of:
We couldn't really find anyone who fact-checked the Diamond Play button, as a very small amount of YouTubers have actually the 10 million subscribers (10,000,000) reward.
So if you have a YouTube Diamond Play button and you'd like to break it up!
Please let us know!

What the Custom Ruby Play Button is made of:
Channels which surpass 50 Million subscribers (50,000,000) get a very special reward.
If a channel's subscriber count surpasses this crazy number they'll get their very own ruby play button. The ruby play button is currently only awarded to 6 YouTubers (six).
And understandably so, we're also unable to find the composition of these custom rewards.

We do however know that PewDiePie and T series have received their very own customized Ruby Play button. PewDiePie got his very own Fist Bump, and T series has received a via vitrography engraved letter T. PewDiePie however also received several mini-awards which he gifted to his longest active and subscribed fans.

Are there any other rewards?

There are three different tiers within the YouTube partner program, which don't include any play button triangles. These are the levels and their benefits:

Graphite tier: The graphite tier is reached when a YouTube channel has at least 1.000 subscribers and basically means nothing.

Opal tier: The opal tier is unlocked when you reach at least 1.000 subscribers, and it's one of the requirements for YouTube's partner program. Something you'll need to monetize your channel and enable super chat or channel membership.

Bronze tier: The bronze tier is unlocked when a Youtuber reaches 10.000 subscribers, and the channel is monetized. You'll be able to access new YouTube Spaces production benefits, such as premium soundstage access, hosting your own events, and more.
Bronze tier members get to enter YouTube's NextUp Contest.
The winner of the NextUp contest receives new equipment and a spot at a week long creator camp at their nearest YouTube space.

YouTube Channel Evaluation

The YouTube reward evaluation process

Reaching these milestones is one thing. Getting evaluated and receiving awards is another story. Once a channel has hit its desired milestone, YouTube will evaluate the YouTube channel by hand. However, this often takes a lot longer than desired. When that happens, the YouTube channel owner should contact their YouTube network as they can contact YouTube to speed things up.

However, take note that only YouTube Channels who keep their accounts in good standing are eligible, which means that the YouTube channel should have no copyright strikes! Neither should it be in violation with YouTube’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

If that is the case, the YouTube Channel needs to resolve any such issues!
Otherwise, the YouTube Channel will not be eligible for any YouTube awards.

Additionally, YouTube channels which bring original content to YouTube are the only ones eligible for Creator Awards. Meaning YouTube may deny those who focus on compilations, mixes, curation, or make heavy use of third-party copyrighted content or characters.

Redeeming your YouTube Reward

Woohoo! After receiving a redemption code, it is now time to redeem the award! The YouTube Channel owner should have either received this redemption code from his/her network or YouTube itself.

To receive the award, we will first have to visit YouTube Creator Awards redemption website!

On the website, the YouTube Channel owner has to provide their shipping information and how their YouTube Channel name should appear on the award.

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Delivery of your YouTube Reward

After providing the necessary information on the Creator Awards redemption website, YouTube will customize your award with your YouTube Channel name. YouTube will then try and deliver the award to the YouTube Channel owner within approximately 2-3 weeks.

Please keep the following things in mind when submitting the shipping information. Use a full legal name in case the YouTube Creator Reward should be collected from customs or a delivery office.

YouTube provides a package tracking number by email once the award is shipped.

It’s the YouTube Channel owner's responsibility to respond to any contact by a delivery company which might request more documentation or information to allow the YouTube Creator Award to pass through Customs to finally be delivered.

Another responsibility includes paying for Customs duties and taxes in the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan

When the YouTube Channel Owner fails to respond to the requests of the delivery company, the YouTube Creator Award package will be deemed abandoned — resulting in the YouTube Channel Owner having to purchase a replacement award.

Note: YouTube Channel Owners located in Brazil or India, will be asked for additional information when ordering their YouTube Creator award.
Their local customs require a tax ID for this reward.

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