YouTube Partner Program (Startup)

YouTube Channel Startup Program

Where new talents are born.

As an experienced YouTuber, you'll know how difficult the current YouTube landscape is.
The powerful YouTube platform has matured a lot in recent years.
So with this, it's become increasingly more difficult to monetize your channel.

Here at Hashtag Network, we know how much/many content creators struggle now these days.
And we're here to change that!
That's why we're introducing the very first YouTube Channel Startup Program!

So what is our YouTube Channel Startup Program?

Our Startup Program is made to help content creators who already have
experience creating YouTube videos and channels generate some form of security.
Meaning we'll help you to get into YouTube's Partner Program!

So how do we achieve this?

If you just started or are about to start a new channel, you can apply for our YouTube Channel Startup Service.
We'll then personally by hand, help, grow, and coach your channel towards approval for YouTube's Partner Program.
Together with you, we'll create content strategies and improve your metadata and also, apply our SEO best-practices where needed.

So what's the catch?

That all sounds great! However, what's the catch?
Our YouTube Channel Startup Program is the first investment program ever for your YouTube channel. We'll make sure your channel turns into a real business!
However, of course, investments come with its costs.
Therefore our revenue share is at 70/30% for our YouTube Channel Startup Program.

Convinced or not quite yet?

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