YouTube Partner Program

A YouTube Network which helps with Video Production

Have you ever been part of a YouTube Multi channel Network MCN and felt like you were just a number? Well.. So did we... And that's why we've decided to start HashtagNetwork!

We're here to help you take your video production to the next level!
Our focus lies on optimizing your video production and channel optimization.
Upon request you'll get a personal account manager, which will help you with anything YouTube related.

Does Hashtag Network apply Audience Development?

As a YouTuber, there's a massive market of potential to earn additional revenue and money outside of the platform. You may choose to go this route but we'll never force you!

However, many YouTubers earn money via sponsorship deals which their YouTube network has sorted out for them!

Does Hashtag Network accept multiple YouTube channels?

Are you the owner of multiple YouTube channels?
Are these channels YouTube Partner or are they within YouTube's Partner Program?
If so, we'll happily welcome you into our Multichannel Network MCN to start working with you!

Having multiple accounts only makes it easier for us to do Crosspromotion with other channels which are part of our YouTube Community.

Do you have to be part of the YouTube Partner Program?

To be able to join our network you'd have to be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

These are the requirements for YouTube's Partner Program:
1. You need to follow all of YouTube's policies and Community Guidelines.
2. Live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

3. You need at least 4000 public watch hours within the last 12 months.
4. You need to have at least 1000 subscribers
5. You need to have a linked AdSense account.

Does our YouTube Network MCN work with smaller channels?

We're always looking for new talent to join our YouTube Multi channel Network MCN!
We don't mind if you have smaller channels, we do however care about your channel optimization!
You need to be inline with YouTube's Policies and community guidelines.
Your channel should also have no active copyright claims!
Your account settings also need to be properly set-up for YouTube monetization.

If you have a small YouTube channel, we'll make sure our partnership benefits you by boosting your performance! 

Can you earn money with influencer deals?

Our YouTube Partnership program consists of multiple ways to earn money.
For many channels, this would mainly be what we call YouTube monetization.
But for other channels, within a powerful niche, it can be very interesting to do influencer deals.
An artist's largest income part will be made through digital rights management.
Digital rights are handled through YouTube's Content ID system.

What revenue share do we offer?

Here at Hashtag Network, we're a fan of working with a fair revenue share.
We'll be putting a lot of work into your channel, and our optimization has proven to easily earn the cut we take from your revenue back. Most channels have been able to grow 100-200% in just a few months!

Making us an investment worth while!

Do we work with Livestreamers?

We don't offer any twitch partnership!
However, we are always looking to work together with YouTube livestreamers.
We also help livestreamers set-up a  proper content strategy to monetize their YouTube chhannel!


One of the great things about our joining our YouTube Community is that we deliver Crosspromotion partner management! Meaning that we'll put all heads together to crosspromote one another!

Do you offer a no lockin contract?

We think it's important for our partners to keep their freedom and have full transparency.
We've, therefore, decided to give our partners a no lockin contract, so they're free to go whenever they want. We also don't add any performance clauses to should meet.
Another benefit of our services is that we try to manage to keep our payment threshold as low as possible.

YouTube Partnership Program

Where talents really shine!

As a YouTuber, you'll know how difficult the current YouTube landscape is.
The mighty YouTube platform has matured a lot in recent years.
And with this, it's become more important to really build a business around your channel.

Here at HashtagNetwork we know how many Youtubers are struggling nowadays.
And we are here to change that!

Our YouTube Partnership program

Our goal is to optimize your channel and content.
To achieve this, we use thoroughly tested SEO tactics.

Our extensive experience on YouTube helps us to give you a head start on the competition!
We use the power of our network to "cross-pollinate" with other channels for ultimate growth.

In addition, you can always contact us and offer a list of companies that you think would be suitable, so that we can arrange a sponsorship agreement for you.

So how do we achieve this?

Together with you, we make video strategies, improve your metadata, and apply our SEO best practices where necessary.

However, good cooperation is only possible if there is excellent communication on both sides.

That is why we expect you to have an active attitude concerning building your brand and channel.

So where is the snag?

Our program has been set up to make your channel shine.

Also, most importantly, sharing our vision and showing that working with HashtagNetwork works!

Because we will spend much time on your channel, we have worked out a standard revenue percentage of 70% / 30%, which is negotiable.

Convinced or not entirely?

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