YouTube Partner Program (Managed)

YouTube Partner Program (Managed)

Where talents really start to shine!

As an experienced YouTuber, you'll know how difficult the current YouTube landscape is.
The mighty YouTube platform has matured a lot in recent years.
And with this, it's become increasingly more difficult to monetize your channel.
Especially for channels which have special needs or which are in a gray area.

YouTube's changes have all been for the better.
But their platform is built on growth and automation!
And this is exactly where Problems start to occur for creators...

Some channels have been hit harder than others but the problems exist all over the platform.
The channels who've been hit the hardest are the Kid channels and Music channels.
Let's cover the problems with kids channels real quick, so we can fresh things up a little.

Kids content has always been tricky...
Especially because they bring up a lot of questions.
Is this content something that's acceptable for my audience?
Is this content teaching life lessons I'd like to teach to kids?
Does my own upbringing align with this content?

It's all really complicated and YouTube is here to protect the parents and advertisers.
In YouTube's eyes, a parent should be able to give their kids a Tablet/Phone and keep them stuck to their screens for hours. Easy parenting...

However, there are trolls who go against it all, hurting legitimate content creators.
These trolls create the craziest video's you can imagine which shouldn't be watched by kids. And advertisers don't want to be associated with them either.

Further explained in this video:

If the trolls video is monetized and an ad is shown then advertisers won't be happy...
And don't forget companies who pay for ads are the ones that keep YouTube running...
And time has told that YouTube will do everything it can to make sure advertisers remain happy.

However, as we stated earlier YouTube isn't made for individual checks.
It's made to grow and automate the company.
And this is reflected in YouTube's current Partner Program.
They're checking "some" things by hand, but 90% of the approval process is done by AI.

This brings us to our final point.
How does YouTube know, you own the content  / your content is kid-friendly / it's advertiser-friendly.

Simply put they don't...
So if see anything that MIGHT cause any of these issues whilst doing their check.
Your channel will be denied from YouTube's Partner Program.
However, there's a way to go around this in the form of joining a managed network.

By joining a managed network, the network basically "Vouches" that your channel is clean.
However, at that point, all of the risks are on the network, and they risk losing their MCN license.
So, your revenue-share will be lower, but hey let's be reasonable we're helping you monetize your channel again!

So what is our YouTube Channel Managed Program?

Our Managed Program is made to help content creators who already have
a running YouTube channel with at least an X amount of million views per month.
However, which is facing monetization problems!
If your channel is in-line with our vision, we'll invite you to join our managed network!
Meaning we'll help to monetize the content you posted on YouTube.

So how do we achieve this?

First off you'll have to provide us with a bunch of information about your channel via the form below. After that, we'll check if your YouTube channel is in-line with our vision and if we're willing to take the risk accompanied to your channel joining our network

So what's the catch?

That all sounds great! However, what's the catch?

We're solving many of your problems!
Heck, we're helping you get your content monetized again! WOOHOO!
Our YouTube Channel Managed Program is the very first implementation of this idea.
Also, we think it's more than fair to ask for a 70/30% revenue-share.

Convinced or not quite yet?

Convinced!? Use the form below!
for any other questions contact us at

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Please tell us as much as possible about your channel.
Providing little info will slow this process down a lot!

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