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How to get on YouTube

Open YouTube, something that's searched often on Google.
We'll explain how you can get on YouTube using your preferred device.
This way you can get ready to watch all of the video's available on the platform for you to watch!

YouTube also has some very popular movies, tv shows.

Here are some of the topics which we'll cover in this guide:
- How to download the YouTube App?
- How to open the YouTube App?
- Sign in to your YouTube account.
- How to find YouTube Videos?
- How to upload a YouTube video?
- How to share a YouTube video?

How to download the YouTube App.

There are multiple devices which you can use to get on YouTube.
Let's cover how to get on YouTube using these devices step-by-step.

Open YouTube using the IOS / Android App:
The first thing you'd have to do is download the IOS or Android app.
IOS is the software used by all of Apple's mobile devices.
Other mobile devices run on Google's Android system.
Click one of the links below to download the YouTube app for your preferred device:

Open YouTube App on Google Play (Samsung, LG, xiaomi, Huawei, etc.)

Open IOS YouTube App (Apple iPhone etc.)

Open YouTube using a Computer / Laptop:

Open YouTube Website.

Sign in to YouTube

login to YouTube

There are multiple ways to login to YouTube, and we'll explain them to you in detail.
If you want to log in the easy way, make sure to use this link:
Login to YouTube

If you're already signed into your Google account, you can skip this step.

However, if you want to do it manually, you tap the menu/settings icon in the top right of the page. Here you can Sign in to your personal YouTube Channel.

Also, please make sure your YouTube settings are set up in such a way that your privacy is guaranteed. If you don't want to share your music playlist with the world, make sure to create a private playlist.

To manage, edit and make new playlists is a fun thing to do when you're bored!
Also, if you're really annoyed by the ads on YouTube make sure to buy a YouTube Premium subscription.

Search on YouTube

Finding YouTube Video's

The goal of YouTube is, of course, to watch video's alone or with your friends or family.
YouTube has a vast community, and it can be used to watch video's in almost every category, for example, finance, shopping, sports, and many other search terms.

To find videos on YouTube, either click the Magnifier logo on the app or use the search bar at the top of the YouTube website.

share a video like or subscribe

Sharing a YouTube Video

YouTubers who upload videos always appreciate it when you share and send feedback about their videos. So how to give feedback or share a video?

There are multiple ways which you can share a YouTube video, for example, via Twitter.
But you can, of course also send the video URL to any family member or friend.

Right underneath any YouTube video is a share button, click this button to share any video.

To give feedback on a video you can scroll down to the bottom of the video page.
Here you'll find the comment section of the video. Most comment sections exist of English speaking audiences.

You can also show your support by subscribing to a YouTube channel by clicking the subscribe button, next to the share button.