How To Start a YouTube Channel!

How to make a YouTube Channel

How to make a YouTube Channel 2019

More and more people are looking to start a YouTube Channel!
And there has been no better moment to start than right now!
That's why we'll be teaching you How to make an Eye catching YouTube Channel!

In this step-by-step guide, we'll cover what 'tricks' we've implemented to create a massive following around some of our partner's channels! So you're adequately informed with the current status quo.
(Some are reaching millions of views per month now!)

This guide is written for beginners, experienced, and even expert YouTubers as we'll be covering all aspects of YouTube.

We'll be covering topics such as: How to creating a YouTube Channel but also more advanced topics like Making your YouTube video's recommended. 

Have fun reading!
If you have any other questions, contact us via or send us a DM on Instagram @HashtagNetworkNet

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Start here if you're a beginning YouTuber.

How to Create a YouTube Channel.

We got to start somewhere..

So you've decided to make the big step! You want to become the next big YouTube star!
Awesome, let's start by creating a YouTube Channel, as we can't do anything without it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We'll teach you everything on the topic of YouTube Channel Creation!
Creating a YouTube Channel isn't hard, but we have to take a few steps to create a professional looking profile! We'll give you all the industry tips to make sure you'll rise above the rest.

  1. Creating an email account.
  2. Creating a YouTube Channel.
  3. Setting up your YouTube Channel.
  4. Optimizing your YouTube Channels metadata.

How to create an Email Account.

Yea, you'll still need one!

Even though most of you will already have an e-mail account, we recommend creating a different e-mail for your YouTube Channel.

Once you start posting video's you'll start to receive a lot of E-mails from fans commenting on your videos.

This is why we always choose to create a totally different e-mail account just for your YouTube Channel.

Here are a few e-mail providers which you can use.
We'll be using Google as our e-mail provider.

Creating a Google Account

Creating the actual account
Go to click "Create new account" and fill in your information.
Choose a password and fill in your birthday and gender.
You're now set!

How to make a YouTube Channel

Where it all starts!

Now that we have a working e-mail account let's create the YouTube Channel which we want to link to our email address.

Your new YouTube adventures are about to start!
Are you excited yet? Because we certainly are!

Creating the actual YouTube Channel is quite simple!

The process of creating a YouTube Channel is shown in the pictures below.

Sign into your google account

Log-in with your Gmail account.
Now after clicking the "Sign in" button, we're welcomed with a log-in screen.
You'll now have to log-in with your recently created Gmail account.

Setting up your YouTube Channel.

You're not quite done yet!

Awesome! So we've just created our very own e-mail account, and we've logged into YouTube with that e-mail account!

The next thing we'll have to do is turning our YouTube account into a YouTube Channel. Luckily this isn't difficult at all, and we'll explain how to do this in detail below!

You'll be able to define what exact category your channel defines itself in

Don't be scared to make any mistakes as we can always change these settings afterwise!

How to create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel.
Go to click "Create a channel".
Choose a password and provide your birthday and gender.
You're now set!

Providing YouTube with first and last name

Choose your desired YouTube Channel name
YouTube will now prompt you with a form; here, you can choose the name of your YouTube Channel.
After that, make sure to click "Create Channel" to create your very own YouTube Channel.

We've created a YouTube Channel

You've now created your very own YouTube Channel!  Click to see our YouTube Channel Live!  
Let's make our YouTube Channel appeal to potential new subscribers!

Optimizing your YouTube Channels Metadata

“The icing on the cake”

Often overlooked, but your YouTube Channels metadata is essential for viewers to find you on YouTube!

Improving your YouTube Metadata will enhance your overall SEO, and it will give viewers new ways to find your channel.

Example, our description says:
"We make cooking video's for Mama's Cooking Farm in New York."
Now if someone searches for "Cooking Farm New York" they'll probably find your YouTube Channel at the top

    Changing your YouTube Metadata

    Changing your YouTube Metadata
    To change the metadata of your YouTube Channel, you need to visit your Channels "About" Page.
    You can do this by clicking the "About" button highlighted in the image above.

    You'll then see several options, let's cover them one by one.

    State what your YouTube Channel stands for, what it does, and what it's key-values are.
    Make sure to rock this one! Your top-fans will be reading it!

    For Business inquiries:
    Expand your YouTube Channels business opportunities by entering your e-mail address.
    If any business wants to get in touch with you, they'll now be able to!
    (Your e-mail address is protected with a reCaptcha challenge to protect against bots.)

    Tell your subscribers a little more about yourself! This way they'll better understand your uploading
    Schedule because of your timezone. Businesses also like to have this information as it gives them
    a better understanding of you, the influencer.

    Featured Channels:
    Cross-pollination is vital when growing your YouTube Channel!
    And this is precisely the place to do so! List some of your friends YouTube channels,
    and let them, of course, return the favor.

    Branding your YouTube Channel.

    “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

    “Mass advertising can help build brands, but authenticity is what makes them last. If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

    With that mindset,  branding becomes one of the most critical aspects of your YouTube Channel!

    Woohoo! You're making some serious steps here!
    You've created an e-mail, you've created your very own YouTube account, and you're about to turn it into an artful masterpiece!

    Out of this whole guide, this is possibly the easiest things to mess up!

    A logo is all about the image you want for your YouTube Channel to have.
    Logos can make and break your YouTube Channel!

    There are so many bad examples on YouTube when you're not some artistic photoshopper; we'd recommend you to let someone else take care of this part.

    Now luckily, as artists are very aware of this problem, many artists have stepped in to help these struggling YouTubers out!

    We'll first be covering how you can get someone to create a YouTube logo for you.

    After that, explain how you can make a YouTube logo yourself.
    (if you have the aspirations to do so!)

    Our channel will become a motivational YouTube Channel, but the info we'll provide in this chapter will apply to any YouTube channel. We'll provide you with design tools and website where you can simplify a lot of these steps.

    1. Buying a YouTube Channel Logo.
    2. Creating a YouTube Channel Logo.
    3. Buying YouTube Channel Art.
    4. Creating your own YouTube Channel Art.

    Buying a YouTube Channel Logo.

    “You can't be good at everything right?”

    Most people don't have a lot of experience with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

    We recommend that those people buy a logo from an experienced designer!

    In this chapter, we'll cover which steps you should take should you desire to buy a YouTube Channel Logo from an experienced designer.

    Buying a Logo is recommend!

      Create a YouTube Logo using Fiverr

      Letting someone create a YouTube Channel logo for you.
      This website is an absolute goldmine you're going to have to remember it!
      You can use it for so many of your small but very annoying tasks.
      The site is called Fiverr! And we'll show you how you can use it,
      to buy a Logo for your YouTube Channel!

      Click here to go to Fiverr's website!

      Visiting a fiverr gig

      Choosing a Fiverr 'gig'!
      On Fiverr, jobs/tasks are called gigs!
      We know that this gig would make for high-quality YouTube Channel Logos!
      As we've previously had some of our clients create their YouTube Channels Logo through this gig!

      Check this gig out by clicking here! 

      Checking our Fiverr Gigs details

      Checking the details of the Fiverr gig!
      When buying products/services online, it's always crucial that you check the tiny details!
      We need to know what exactly we'll get! But even more important who will be creating our
      YouTube Channels logo, and if that person is reliable!

      Fiverr Packages:
      On Fiverr you have these things called packages, this is where you can select
      what quality standard your YouTube Channels logo should have!
      Check the details of your package to make sure you're getting what you expect!

      Seller's Revisions Policy:
      So imagine someone has created a YouTube Channel Logo for your YouTube Channel,
      but you're not entirely happy with the result!
      No problem, as the person who's going to complete this gig has Unlimited Revisions!
      Meaning that if you're not happy with the result, he'll happily adapt the logo to your likings!

      Seller's Delivery Time:
      As with ordering any products, it's always important to check the delivery time!
      In this case, the person who will be completing this gig says he'll deliver the results within
      Ten days.

      Seller's Reviews:
      Once again, successfully ordering products and services online without any issues all comes
      down to doing your research! On Fiverr, it's quite easy to research the seller!
      In this case, our Fiverr Seller has 512 reviews with an average of 5 stars! Meaning we can
      be very confident that this seller knows what he's doing.

      Seller's From Location:
      As the name suggests, this is where you can see where your Fiverr seller is located.

      Member since:
      This statistic says a lot about your seller; as the longer, your seller has been on Fiverr,
      the more time he/she had to mess things up! If after a long time on the platform
      the seller has a lot of positive reviews, you can be assured of the Seller's service.

      Buying your desired Fiverr Package

      Buying your desired Fiverr Gig's package.
      The last step when buying your YouTube Channels Logo is quite simple!
      All you have to do is select the package which is suited for your purpose!
      And you'll be forwarded to Fiverr's payment page where you can handle everything with
      your seller.

      Creating a YouTube Channel Logo

      “Because you know what you're doing! Right?”

      You can save some costs on your YouTube Channel by making your very own Logo.

      However, we only recommend taking this step if you have enough experience with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

      Creating Logo's is tough, and most starting companies have a terrible logo!

      But since you're taking this approach, we're guessing that you know what you're doing! 

      Creating a YouTube Channel Logo PSD

      Creating a Logo in Adobe Photoshop
      In this case, we'll be using Adobe Photoshop, as it's our preferred program to create logos with.

      The Logo's size:
      YouTube's recommended Logo size is 800x800px.

      YouTube Channel Logo inspiration

      Getting inspiration for your logo
      It's often tough to create something from nothing - a Blank Canvas.
      That's why we've selected several websites to get some inspiration for your YouTube Channel Logo.

      Our YouTube Channel Result

      The result.
      Getting to a good result is totally up to you, as you've decided to create your own
      YouTube Channel Logo.
      We created a very straightforward logo for our YouTube Channel,
      as this is purely for educational purposes.

      Buying YouTube Channel Art

      “Make your channel shine!”

      YouTube made it possible to style your YouTube Channel to your liking.

      YouTube Channel Art is the way to make your YouTube Channel shine above the rest.

      However, as with everything artsy, you need to know what you're doing to be able to succeed.

      In this chapter, we'll cover how to buy YouTube Channel Art step-by-step.

      After that, we'll show you how you can create your very own YouTube Channel art.

      We'll also give you a YouTube Channel Art Template.
      And tell you the recommended YouTube Channel Art Size.

        Buying YouTube Channel Art

        Buying YouTube Channel Art.
        Using the same website which we discussed in our previous chapter:
        Buying a YouTube Channel Logo.

        We'll keep this Chapter short as we're sure you now know how Fiverr works!
        Still not sure how it works? Check our previous Chapter as we cover everything in detail there!
        Previous Fiverr Chapter

        So Fiverr is crowded with artists who'd happily create your YouTube Channel's Art!
        And we've done some work for you and selected a few top-picks per YouTube Channel
        Genre below:

        Top-Pick 1
        Top-Pick 2
        Top-Pick 3

        Top-Pick 1
        Top-Pick 2

        Top-Pick 1
        Top-Pick 2

        Top-Pick 1
        Top-Pick 2

        Creating YouTube Channel Art.

        Saving costs whilst showing your artistic skills!

        Creating YouTube Channel Art isn't as easy as you might think.

        There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your own YouTube Channel Art.

        In this Chapter we'll cover exactly what to keep en eye on, and we'll provide you with a free Photoshop Template.

        To create your own YouTube Channel Art, you're going to need a program to edit your pictures.

        We recommend using Adobe Photoshop for this.

        We've created a YouTube Channel Art Template with the correct dimensions for you.

        Download our YouTube Channel Art Template.

        YouTube Channel Art Size

        YouTube Channel Art Size.
        Assuming you've now successfully opened the YouTube Channel Art Template.
        We'll have to tell you a few things to keep in mind when creating YouTube Channel Art.

        First of all, you to make sure you're using our dimensions correctly.

        Desktop minimum and mobile:
        The dimension of your YouTube Channel Art displayed when a viewer
        using a Desktop or Mobile visits your page. 1546x423

        As the name suggests, this is the dimension of your YouTube Channel Art
        Shown when a viewer visits your YouTube Channel using a Tablet. 1855x423

        Desktop Max:
        The proportion of your YouTube Channel Art shown to viewers
        Using a Desktop with a high-resolution monitor is 2560x423.

        The ratio of your YouTube Channel Art shown to viewers
        using a TV is 2560x1440.

        How to Add YouTube Channel Art

        Changing your YouTube Channel Art.
        After you've bought or created your very own YouTube Channel Art, it's now time to apply it
        to your YouTube Channel.

        The first thing is visiting your own YouTube Channel.
        If you're using the new YouTube Layout, you should click "Customize Channel."
        If not, you can click "Add Channel Art."

        After that, select your YouTube Channel Art, and you're all set!

        Changing your YouTube Channel Art

        Adapting our YouTube Channel Art.
        Awesome! You've just changed your YouTube Channel Art.
        You should now see the results per device!

        If you aren't happy with the results, this is the time to change it!

        If you're happy with the result, make sure you click "Select" to finalize your changes.

        YouTube Channel Art Result

        Our finished YouTube Channel Art example.
        You should now be able to change your YouTube Channels Art!
        The picture above shows what our YouTube Channel looks like now!


        Start here if you're an experienced YouTuber.

        How to create a YouTube Content Strategy

        Riding the hype coaster.

        You've now correctly set-up your YouTube Channel, following the highest standards!
        Excellent as you now already have the edge over 95% of the competition!

        It's time for you to decide what content your YouTube Channel should be posting.
        As with everything in the world, there's supply and demand.

        In this chapter, we'll cover how to use supply and demand to create your very own content strategy.

        This chapter covers how you can find your niche and trending topics within your niche step-by-step.

        1. Finding your Niche
        2. Finding trending topics within your Niche
        3. Keeping up to date with your Niche.

        Finding your Niche

        “Niches are the modern world's subcultures”

        When creating a Content Strategy for your YouTube Channel, it's crucial that you're following the right mindset.

        YouTube isn't some winter wonderland where everyone gets rich. YouTube is a tight market where only the ones who remain consistent, passionate, informative, and up to date survive.

        That's why it's crucial to choose a niche which is also your passion! Heck, your niche should be something which you remain interrested in for the rest of your life!

        The end goal, of course, is to be able to pay your bills and live off of the earnings made from your YouTube Channel. So you better make sure you're creating content about something you love!

          Grab a pen and a piece of paper
          After grabbing your tools, it's now time to start writing down and answering the following questions.
          - What topics do you like to learn most about?
          - What clubs or organizations do you belong to?
          - How do you want to spend your free time?

          After writing down and answering these questions, it's time finally time to start doing research!
          Let's find out which Niche your YouTube Channel and Content Strategy should revolve around!

          Finding trending topics within your niche

          “Be a gamechanger not a follower.”

          As Douglas Rushkoff once stated:

          "Social media is itself as temporary as any social gathering, nightclub, or party. It's the people that matter, not the venue. So when the trend leaders of one social niche or another decide the place everyone is socializing has lost its luster or, more important, its exclusivity, they move on to the next one, taking their followers with them. "

          There are followers and trendsetters within a subculture, and as an influencer, you should aspire to be the trendsetter/leader!

          In this Chapter, we'll teach you exactly how to find the current trends within your chosen niche! As we're going to need these for your YouTube Channel's Content Strategy!

            Using Google Trends to Search for Trends

            Using Google Trends to find trending topics.
            Now that you know what your passions/interests are, it's now time to find out what people
            are talking about within your Niche - The demand

            As our sample YouTube channel is all about motivation/fitness/exercise/diets
            we're going to evolve our channel around a trendy new diet, the Keto diet!

            Google Trends Keto Result

            Narrowing down Google Trends results
            Google gives us the results for this search term! But how should we interpret these results?
            Let me explain how Google Trends works!

            First up is the country selector; this is where you can choose where you want your data
            to be based off. If you're creating a video in German, you'd want to select Germany.
            But as our channel will only have English content, we will get the best results by selecting
            The United States. You could also choose Worldwide, but we found that our findings will often
            be filled with litter if we do so.

            You're also able to choose the range of the data. Google automatically selects 12 months,
            which is fine for me. It gives me the ability to see how this trend performed this whole year!

            If you want to narrow your search term to a specific category, you can do so by using the categories
            dropdown menu. Choosing a category can be useful if your results are full of litter.

            And last but not least, is the drop-down menu where you can select with which search engine you'd like to
            fiddle around. There's a difference between Google and YouTube's results.
            If something is missing on YouTube, what's trending on Google, that's a trend!

            Reading Google Trends Keto Results

            Reading the Google Trends chart
            Another awesome thing you can find out by using Google Trends is if your Niche shows year-long
            Interest. In this case, our Niche shows good search results throughout the year, but there are a few
            things to take note of here. WHAT ARE ALL THESE JUMPS IN TRAFFIC!?

            Using common sense, we're able to find what exactly makes for these spikes in
            traffic! The first notable one is at the beginning of the year. Logically as people tend to have a lot
            of new years resolutions, and the most common one is losing weight. Aka, following the Keto Diet!
            As we can see, the first majority of the people following this Diet mostly fall off after the first month.
            Hence the dip! And this dip continues untill the next yearly moment when people want to
            start losing weight again!

            The summer! Summer's starting, and we see that people are beginning to look after their health.
            Everyone wants a summer body. 
            We can prove this by looking at the last-years trend on the left side of the chart.

            Okay, so one of the things we could jump into in this case is making sure that people stick
            to their diet, and search traffic remains higher. So idea number one is created!
            A long-term hands-on Keto course on YouTube?

            Google Trends Related Search Queries for Keto

            Google Trends related queries are content ideas.
            Now that we now know that this Niche is something which we could be creating content for all year.
            Great! As we want to earn Ad-revenue from our YouTube Video's all year, not periodically.

            Next thing up is to create trending YouTube content ideas!

            In this case, Related topics and Related queries are our best friends!
            Change both Trend results to "Rising" instead of "Top.."
            Make sure to install the following Google Chrome / Firefox plugin as it'll give you even more info:

            In this screenshot, we can see the exact search traffic, which has been added by the plugin called:
            KeywordsEverywhere! Super handy!

            Alright, so we get a total of 5 results on the first page. (make sure to check the other pages too)
            Let's work through the first result and discuss what you could do with that.
            Repeat, for the other 24, to get additional content ideas.

            Slimfast Keto Search Results

            Researching our trending results
            Let's search on Google for this Trending Query to get to know more about it!
            Okay, so apparently it's a Keto meal bar, and they also have some form of nutrition powder.
            But here's the catch! Google now favors Videos in their search results!
            Ranking for Google's Top Video results is an excellent opportunity!

            So how can you rank as a top result on Google?
            That's what we'll cover in the next Chapter!


            Start here if you're an expert YouTuber.

            YouTube Seo: How to rank your Videos on Google in 2019

            It's an extra free stream of views!

            So as we've seen in the last chapter, Google now shows YouTube Videos in their search results!
            A great opportunity! As very little YouTubers, optimize their videos for Google SEO.

            These are the steps you'll have to take to get your YouTube video to rank on Google!

            1. Finding the problem for your keyword
            2. SEO Optimizing your Video's Metadata

            Finding te problems for your keyword

            “The problem contains te solution.”

            There's a significant difference when you're trying to get your videos ranked on Google instead of YouTube. We'll cover these differences in more detail in the next chapter, but the main difference is :

            Google's goal is to solve the user's questions.
            YouTube's goal is to keep you on the platform longer.

            But to be able to solve the user's problems we, of course, need to know what the user's questions are.

            That's what we're about to find out!

              Find the problems within your keyword

              Finding the problems within your keyword by example
              The best thing about Google's algorithm is that it optimizes the top search-results to the needs
              Of their users. To know what content to make, you should research the current top results!

              Which problems does this video solve?

              The problem is in their keywords
              For this step, you need to have installed VidIQ! Download VidIQ here!
              VidIQ is an extension for Chrome which shows a lot of info about YouTube Videos!

              To know which keywords to pick, we should check which keywords these video's rank!
              Here is the list of keywords which these three videos are ranking for:

              (Posted this on justpaste to prevent messing up our Blog's SEO)

              Alright, so what can we learn from this research?
              Well, people are keen on reviews of this keto bar, as they're probably really
              interrested to see the effects!

              Another thing we see, which is vital within SEO, is the usage of keyword variations.
              We can see that the keyword: "Slimfast Keto" is written in 4 different ways!
              Variations are made with spaces and using capital letters.

              So what should your YouTube video be about?
              Based on the keywords that were listed before you should create the following YouTube Video:

              A Slimfast keto review which covers their whole product line, Keto bars, the fat bombs, their kit.
              Furthermore,  you should cover their keto plan in combination with these products and explain
              in detail which ingredients are in these products, and what they achieve.

              The conclusion that this video will make is:
              Are Slimfast keto products and plans suitable for someone trying to do keto?
              Does their keto line work? Are their ingredients natural and within the keto guidelines?
              And you should cover some myths which are floating around the internet.

              You're making the perfect Slimfast keto video which covers all their questions!

              SEO Optimizing your video's metadata.

              “Metadata equals surveillance; it's that simple”

              Alright, so we now know what our video should be about to rank for Google.

              But how exactly will Google rank your video? And how do they know the context of your video? Do they have someone manually watching every video and placing them in specific category's?

              It all starts with Metadata! So what is Metadata?

              Meta data is information which you can use to tell YouTube and Google what your video covers.

              So how can you add metadata to your video to inform YouTube and Google?

                Creating a compelling Title for your YouTube Video

                Creating a compelling title
                So after you've created your YouTube Video, it's now time to create a persuasive title!
                You need to make sure to add this to your metadata and not just as your YouTube Videos title
                after uploading. The metadata of your video is in the video file itself.

                SEO Optimizing your YouTube Video's Metadata

                Add detailed metadata to your YouTube Video.
                Your YouTube Video now has a compelling title, but before YouTube uploads and verifies your
                video, it's useful to tell YouTube what your video is about, so they can already start comparing
                it to other video's within your niche.

                Add the title, your chosen tags and a small description to your video file.

                SEO Optimizing your YouTube Video
                Impressive, so it's now time to upload your new video to your YouTube channel finally!
                Make sure to use the title you've also used in your metadata, same goes for your tags!

                However, another crucial aspect to SEO optimize your video, is by creating a good description
                for your YouTube videos!

                Your title should be compelling, triggering, and spark interest.

                Furthermore, your Description should be used for SEO value, use keywords and long-tail keywords
                to boost traffic to your video.

                YouTube SEO: get your YouTube Videos recommended in 2019

                Ranking your YouTube Video's is key!

                Most video's don't get popular trough search, only a tiny amount do.
                There is, however, another way to get your video to create clout!
                You can get more views, by getting your video Recommended on other video pages!

                Our data shows that our Top YouTube Partners get most of their views purely from getting their video recommended. (Sometimes even 80% of their total traffic!)

                In this chapter, we'll cover how you can get your YouTube videos recommended by using our SEO tactic called the: Hashtag Growth Tactic!

                1. Why watch time is key
                2. What is better? Quantity or Quality content.
                3. Educating your viewers.
                4. Entertaining your audience.
                5. Creating compelling titles
                6. SEO Optimizing your video
                7. Improving CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

                YouTube Watch Time

                “The most important analytic”

                Let me teach you a bit about YouTube's Algorithm.

                YouTube doesn't just randomly decide which video YOU should be watching. No, it uses an algorithm to find the most statistically suitable video for you.

                So which statistics are taken into account when choosing a recommended video?

                YouTube's most important analytic to decide which video the viewer should be watching next is the Expected Watch Time.

                So what exactly is Expected Watch Time?

                And what can and should you do to get a higher Expected Watch Time?

                  Keeping their users on the platform
                  YouTube's primary goal is to keep you on their platform as long as possible.
                  To achieve this, they've built an intelligent algorithm which helps them recommend
                  the best next possible video to keep the viewer on their platform for even longer.

                  They achieve this mostly, by choosing the video with the highest expected watch time.

                  A lot of study's and reverse engineering of the algorithm has shown that YouTube favors
                  longer video's over shorter videos.

                  Logically, because if someone is expected to watch around 30% of the video.
                  Meaning a 10-minute video is viewed for 3 minutes total.
                  And a 5-minute video would only be considered for 1.5 minutes.

                  So it's best to create a long and intriguing video!
                  Keeping your viewers locked to their screens for as long as possible!

                  Video we want to get recommended for

                  Creating a sequel
                  So the Hashtag Growth tactic focusses on getting your video's recommended.
                  The best way to create a successful video is to find a video which already shows that it has an audience.
                  In this case, I searched for a popular video in the niche we choose in the last chapter.

                  Getting your video recommended next to a popular video is all about creating the better,
                  the more exciting video which would keep people on the platform for longer.

                  So with that in mind, you'd, in this case, want to create a bigger better sequel than this video.
                  Make sure to study the video!

                  These are the questions you should ask yourself!

                  - What is covered in this video?
                  - What could I possibly add to the video?
                  - What could be explained better?
                  - What can I do to make this video just a bit longer?

                  What is more important? Quantity or Quality?

                  “What should I focus on in this whirlpool?”

                  Most starting YouTubers think it's best to create a very tight a strict upload schedule!

                  Create as many videos as you can within a week to entertain your viewers.

                  BUT THAT DOESN'T WORK!
                  Do you watch a Netflix series which has 300 episodes but are just made in a rush?

                  NO! You keep binge-watching because the series is just keeping you locked to your sofa!

                  So that's what your goal should be!

                  Keep your viewers entertained, keep them informed, and most importantly keep them watching!

                  Give them an experience, leave them impressed by your video!

                  They should want to share your videos with all of their friends sharing the same interests!

                  And this can only be done by creating quality content!

                  And this is also what we're focussing on with the Hashtag Growth Tactic!

                    Educating your viewers.

                    “Make them smart! It creates a bond with your brand!”

                    What makes you like a video?

                    Most of the time, it's either one or a combination of one of these.

                    - The video has an interesting topic.
                    - The video teaches you something new.
                    - The video entertains you.
                    - The video is made very interactive

                    The best video's on YouTube use a combination of these points!

                    The more, the better!

                    Bonding your audience to your brand or channel is the hardest thing there is! But look at yourself and the channels you like to watch or have impacted you.

                    Most of them have taught you something valuable.

                    That's precisely why you should strive for your video to be better than the video you're trying to get recommended on.

                      Entertaining your YouTube fans!

                      “Entertainment = higher watch time ;)”

                      This is possible the most important part about your whole video! And it's also where most YouTubers seem to fail!

                      How do I entertain my audience?
                      How do I make sure I don't bore them to death!

                      Good question! Let's cover it :D

                      Making your video entertaining is the toughest part as you have to put a lot of work in!

                      Let's cover exactly how you can keep your audience entertained while covering the topic of your video.

                        Video visuals

                        Use visuals!
                        One way to keep your audience entertained is by giving them something to look at!
                        The best way to do this is by using visuals, but what sort of visuals should you use?

                        - Charts
                        - Information
                        - Detailed information on what you're explaining
                        - Funny images
                        - Funny or moving text

                        Different Camera Angles

                        Changing up the camera angles!
                        One thing that bothers me the most (same probably goes for you) are video's which have one
                        camera angle the whole way through the video.

                        Nothing is more annoying than, seeing the same camera angle the whole way trough!
                        Change it up a lot! The more, the better!

                        After every few sentences or topics, you cover you need to make sure to change your camera angle.
                        Even a tiny bit! It will make the difference!
                        Moving images are why people come to YouTube!

                        NOT a camera stuck on a tripod which isn't moving!

                        Changing camera angles is so important in educational videos!
                        And so many YouTubers are doing this wrong!

                        So make sure you're doing it right!

                        The first 15 seconds!
                        These are the most critical seconds of your whole video!
                        It's where you "grab the audience by the balls" not literally of course...
                        But this is where you state what you'll be telling in the video.
                        What you'll be covering and what goals you've achieved with what you're explaining.

                        So if this blog post were a video, the beginning would be like:

                        Have you always wanted to start a YouTube Channel?
                        But you don't know how to start?
                        We'll teach you all the tricks we've used to grow YouTube channels
                        which are now gaining millions of views per month!

                        Compelling YouTube Video Titles.

                        “What people are clicking on.”

                        While creating a sequel video using the Hashtag Growth tactic, it is essential that you create a very compelling title for your YouTube Video!

                        Make sure though that the title is similar to the video you're trying to get recommended next to though.

                        The reason for this being that YouTube recommends video's which are similar to the one the user is watching.

                        A compelling YouTube Title should spark interest!

                        Modest Pelican Gaming is a YouTuber that does this best!


                        Just check out his titles!

                          How to SEO optimize your YouTube video

                          “Nowadays, you're making content for an algorithm.”

                          This is the most crucial step to getting your video recommended!

                          Like we explained before, YouTube recommends video's which are similar to the video you're currently watching.

                          Luckily there are a few 'tricks' we can use to get our video to pop up next to the video we're currently watching.

                          One of them is copying the SEO data of your competitor! 

                          Seriously does this work? YES, IT DOES!
                          Don't believe me? Read this article Google published themselves; it explains how their recommendation system works!


                            Use YouTube's Caption system
                            Have you ever enabled Auto-generated captions on a video you're watching? You might have noticed
                            how accurate these auto-generated captions are!

                            So does YouTube provide us with free captions for no reason?
                            No, no, there's a big reason why YouTube introduced this super-smart caption system.

                            They're using this system to get to know what exactly your content is about!
                            Because if they know what you're telling in, they can then decide if your metadata matches what you

                            So when you're covering a keyword or particular topic in your video, make sure to say it out loud!

                            This is also why it's so important to not just keyword stuff your titles, descriptions, and tags!
                            You need to be covering these things within your videos! Or you will be penalized!

                            We recommend creating a script before recording your video.
                            This will help you in several ways!

                            1. You know what you're covering in your video.
                            2. You can create extra chapters within your video if you want to cover more keywords.
                            3. You can see which keywords you've used in your video's!
                            4. You get extra SEO value, by including a proper transcript (additional views from deaf people).

                            Copying your competitor's keywords
                            So as we've just explained, YouTube recommends video's which are similar to the one you're watching! So how can we tell YouTube that our video is identical to the one that's currently being watched?

                            Well, that's all done through metadata! So this step is going to be very easy!

                            Copy your competitor's video description and adapt it to your video, and add the new keywords which you're also covering!

                            Now for your video tags, use VidIQ to copy your competitor's video tags and as with the description add these same keywords here too.

                            Doing this should tell YouTube that your video is similar and you should now be showing up as recommended!

                            How to improve your YouTube video's CTR?

                            “Being in the picture is one thing, having people choose you is another.”

                            Awesome! You've now managed to get your video recommended on the sidebar of a popular video you've personally chosen!

                            It's now time we make sure that your video is the one which people will be clicking on, out of the 20 videos recommended by YouTube.

                            So what do people see?

                            Well, first of all, they see your title, but as you've already optimized this you don't have to worry about it anymore!

                            But the most crucial part is your YouTube Video's Thumbnail!

                              Slimfast Keto recommendations

                              Making your thumbnail stand out!
                              Want to know what videos show as recommended on the popular video which we want to rank for? 

                              Well, it's straightforward, open an incognito tab in your browser and visit your competitors YouTube video.

                              Check out the thumbnails in the picture above, they're all very very bland and almost have no colors!
                              If that's the case, it's up to you to make thumbnails with some very bright colors!

                              Think about lime green, orange, yellow, etc.!
                              However, if all thumbnails have bright colors, you should create bland thumbnails! It's all about contrast!

                              The conclusion

                              “The results are what matter most!”

                              If you've created a YouTube Channel using all the tips we've listed about your channel should now be on par with the top of the market.

                              Furthermore, if you're creating video's using our Hashtag Growth tactic, you could very well be on your way to becoming the next YouTube sensation!

                              The tips and tricks we've listed in this guide have been thoroughly tested and have given our partners and ourselves impressive results!

                              That's why we wanted to show you what value we can deliver as a YouTube Business!

                              Want to get to know more of these tricks?
                              Or do you want someone to help you out with your YouTube channels growth?

                              Apply for one of our programs now!