How To Start a YouTube Channel!

Create a YouTube Channel

How to Create a YouTube Channel 2019

More and more people are looking to create a YouTube Channel!
And there has been no better moment to start than right now!
That's why we'll be teaching you How to make an Eye-catching YouTube Channel!

This guide is written for beginners YouTubers and is made in a step-by-step format.

Have fun reading!
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How to Create a YouTube Channel.

We got to start somewhere..

So you've decided to make the big step! You want to become the next big YouTube star!
Awesome, let's start by creating a YouTube Channel, as we can't do anything without it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We'll teach you everything on the topic of YouTube Channel Creation!
Creating a YouTube Channel isn't hard, but we have to take a few steps to create a professional looking profile! We'll give you all the industry tips to make sure you'll rise above the rest.

  1. Creating an email account.
  2. Creating a YouTube Channel.
  3. Setting up your YouTube Channel.
  4. Optimizing your YouTube Channels metadata.

How to create an Email Account.

Yea, you'll still need one!

Even though most of you will already have an e-mail account, we recommend creating a different e-mail for your YouTube Channel.

Once you start posting video's you'll start to receive a lot of E-mails from fans commenting on your videos.

This is why we always choose to create a totally different e-mail account just for your YouTube Channel.

Here are a few e-mail providers which you can use.
We'll be using Google as our e-mail provider.

Creating a Google Account

Creating the actual account
Go to click "Create new account" and fill in your information.
Choose a password and fill in your birthday and gender.
You're now set!

How to make a YouTube Channel

Where it all starts!

Now that we have a working e-mail account let's create the YouTube Channel which we want to link to our email address.

Your new YouTube adventures are about to start!
Are you excited yet? Because we certainly are!

Creating the actual YouTube Channel is quite simple!

The process of creating a YouTube Channel is shown in the pictures below.

Sign into your google account

Log-in with your Gmail account.
Now after clicking the "Sign in" button, we're welcomed with a log-in screen.
You'll now have to log-in with your recently created Gmail account.

Setting up your YouTube Channel.

You're not quite done yet!

Awesome! So we've just created our very own e-mail account, and we've logged into YouTube with that e-mail account!

The next thing we'll have to do is turning our YouTube account into a YouTube Channel. Luckily this isn't difficult at all, and we'll explain how to do this in detail below!

You'll be able to define what exact category your channel defines itself in

Don't be scared to make any mistakes as we can always change these settings afterwise!

How to create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel.
Go to click "Create a channel".
Choose a password and provide your birthday and gender.
You're now set!

Providing YouTube with first and last name

Choose your desired YouTube Channel name
YouTube will now prompt you with a form; here, you can choose the name of your YouTube Channel.
After that, make sure to click "Create Channel" to create your very own YouTube Channel.

We've created a YouTube Channel

You've now created your very own YouTube Channel!  Click to see our YouTube Channel Live!  
Let's make our YouTube Channel appeal to potential new subscribers!

Optimizing your YouTube Channels Metadata

“The icing on the cake”

Often overlooked, but your YouTube Channels metadata is essential for viewers to find you on YouTube!

Improving your YouTube Metadata will enhance your overall SEO, and it will give viewers new ways to find your channel.

Example, our description says:
"We make cooking video's for Mama's Cooking Farm in New York."
Now if someone searches for "Cooking Farm New York" they'll probably find your YouTube Channel at the top

    Changing your YouTube Metadata

    Changing your YouTube Metadata
    To change the metadata of your YouTube Channel, you need to visit your Channels "About" Page.
    You can do this by clicking the "About" button highlighted in the image above.

    You'll then see several options, let's cover them one by one.

    State what your YouTube Channel stands for, what it does, and what it's key-values are.
    Make sure to rock this one! Your top-fans will be reading it!

    For Business inquiries:
    Expand your YouTube Channels business opportunities by entering your e-mail address.
    If any business wants to get in touch with you, they'll now be able to!
    (Your e-mail address is protected with a reCaptcha challenge to protect against bots.)

    Tell your subscribers a little more about yourself! This way they'll better understand your uploading
    Schedule because of your timezone. Businesses also like to have this information as it gives them
    a better understanding of you, the influencer.

    Featured Channels:
    Cross-pollination is vital when growing your YouTube Channel!
    And this is precisely the place to do so! List some of your friends YouTube channels,
    and let them, of course, return the favor.

    Branding your YouTube Channel.

    “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

    “Mass advertising can help build brands, but authenticity is what makes them last. If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

    With that mindset,  branding becomes one of the most critical aspects of your YouTube Channel!

    Woohoo! You're making some serious steps here!
    You've created an e-mail, you've created your very own YouTube account, and you're about to turn it into an artful masterpiece!

    Out of this whole guide, this is possibly the easiest things to mess up!

    A logo is all about the image you want for your YouTube Channel to have.
    Logos can make and break your YouTube Channel!

    There are so many bad examples on YouTube when you're not some artistic photoshopper; we'd recommend you to let someone else take care of this part.

    Now luckily, as artists are very aware of this problem, many artists have stepped in to help these struggling YouTubers out!

    We'll first be covering how you can get someone to create a YouTube logo for you.

    After that, explain how you can make a YouTube logo yourself.
    (if you have the aspirations to do so!)

    Our channel will become a motivational YouTube Channel, but the info we'll provide in this chapter will apply to any YouTube channel. We'll provide you with design tools and website where you can simplify a lot of these steps.

    1. Buying a YouTube Channel Logo.
    2. Creating a YouTube Channel Logo.
    3. Buying YouTube Channel Art.
    4. Creating your own YouTube Channel Art.

    Buying a YouTube Channel Logo.

    “You can't be good at everything right?”

    Most people don't have a lot of experience with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

    We recommend that those people buy a logo from an experienced designer!

    In this chapter, we'll cover which steps you should take should you desire to buy a YouTube Channel Logo from an experienced designer.

    Buying a Logo is recommend!

      Create a YouTube Logo using Fiverr

      Letting someone create a YouTube Channel logo for you.
      This website is an absolute goldmine you're going to have to remember it!
      You can use it for so many of your small but very annoying tasks.
      The site is called Fiverr! And we'll show you how you can use it,
      to buy a Logo for your YouTube Channel!

      Click here to go to Fiverr's website!

      Visiting a fiverr gig

      Choosing a Fiverr 'gig'!
      On Fiverr, jobs/tasks are called gigs!
      We know that this gig would make for high-quality YouTube Channel Logos!
      As we've previously had some of our clients create their YouTube Channels Logo through this gig!

      Check this gig out by clicking here! 

      Checking our Fiverr Gigs details

      Checking the details of the Fiverr gig!
      When buying products/services online, it's always crucial that you check the tiny details!
      We need to know what exactly we'll get! But even more important who will be creating our
      YouTube Channels logo, and if that person is reliable!

      Fiverr Packages:
      On Fiverr you have these things called packages, this is where you can select
      what quality standard your YouTube Channels logo should have!
      Check the details of your package to make sure you're getting what you expect!

      Seller's Revisions Policy:
      So imagine someone has created a YouTube Channel Logo for your YouTube Channel,
      but you're not entirely happy with the result!
      No problem, as the person who's going to complete this gig has Unlimited Revisions!
      Meaning that if you're not happy with the result, he'll happily adapt the logo to your likings!

      Seller's Delivery Time:
      As with ordering any products, it's always important to check the delivery time!
      In this case, the person who will be completing this gig says he'll deliver the results within
      Ten days.

      Seller's Reviews:
      Once again, successfully ordering products and services online without any issues all comes
      down to doing your research! On Fiverr, it's quite easy to research the seller!
      In this case, our Fiverr Seller has 512 reviews with an average of 5 stars! Meaning we can
      be very confident that this seller knows what he's doing.

      Seller's From Location:
      As the name suggests, this is where you can see where your Fiverr seller is located.

      Member since:
      This statistic says a lot about your seller; as the longer, your seller has been on Fiverr,
      the more time he/she had to mess things up! If after a long time on the platform
      the seller has a lot of positive reviews, you can be assured of the Seller's service.

      Buying your desired Fiverr Package

      Buying your desired Fiverr Gig's package.
      The last step when buying your YouTube Channels Logo is quite simple!
      All you have to do is select the package which is suited for your purpose!
      And you'll be forwarded to Fiverr's payment page where you can handle everything with
      your seller.

      Creating a YouTube Channel Logo

      “Because you know what you're doing! Right?”

      You can save some costs on your YouTube Channel by making your very own Logo.

      However, we only recommend taking this step if you have enough experience with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

      Creating Logo's is tough, and most starting companies have a terrible logo!

      But since you're taking this approach, we're guessing that you know what you're doing! 

      Creating a YouTube Channel Logo PSD

      Creating a Logo in Adobe Photoshop
      In this case, we'll be using Adobe Photoshop, as it's our preferred program to create logos with.

      The Logo's size:
      YouTube's recommended Logo size is 800x800px.

      YouTube Channel Logo inspiration

      Getting inspiration for your logo
      It's often tough to create something from nothing - a Blank Canvas.
      That's why we've selected several websites to get some inspiration for your YouTube Channel Logo.

      Our YouTube Channel Result

      The result.
      Getting to a good result is totally up to you, as you've decided to create your own
      YouTube Channel Logo.
      We created a very straightforward logo for our YouTube Channel,
      as this is purely for educational purposes.

      Buying YouTube Channel Art

      “Make your channel shine!”

      YouTube made it possible to style your YouTube Channel to your liking.

      YouTube Channel Art is the way to make your YouTube Channel shine above the rest.

      However, as with everything artsy, you need to know what you're doing to be able to succeed.

      In this chapter, we'll cover how to buy YouTube Channel Art step-by-step.

      After that, we'll show you how you can create your very own YouTube Channel art.

      We'll also give you a YouTube Channel Art Template.
      And tell you the recommended YouTube Channel Art Size.

        Buying YouTube Channel Art

        Buying YouTube Channel Art.
        Using the same website which we discussed in our previous chapter:
        Buying a YouTube Channel Logo.

        We'll keep this Chapter short as we're sure you now know how Fiverr works!
        Still not sure how it works? Check our previous Chapter as we cover everything in detail there!
        Previous Fiverr Chapter

        So Fiverr is crowded with artists who'd happily create your YouTube Channel's Art!
        And we've done some work for you and selected a few top-picks per YouTube Channel
        Genre below:

        Top-Pick 1
        Top-Pick 2
        Top-Pick 3

        Top-Pick 1
        Top-Pick 2

        Top-Pick 1
        Top-Pick 2

        Top-Pick 1
        Top-Pick 2

        Creating YouTube Channel Art.

        Saving costs whilst showing your artistic skills!

        Creating YouTube Channel Art isn't as easy as you might think.

        There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your own YouTube Channel Art.

        In this Chapter we'll cover exactly what to keep en eye on, and we'll provide you with a free Photoshop Template.

        To create your own YouTube Channel Art, you're going to need a program to edit your pictures.

        We recommend using Adobe Photoshop for this.

        We've created a YouTube Channel Art Template with the correct dimensions for you.

        Download our YouTube Channel Art Template.

        YouTube Channel Art Size

        YouTube Channel Art Size.
        Assuming you've now successfully opened the YouTube Channel Art Template.
        We'll have to tell you a few things to keep in mind when creating YouTube Channel Art.

        First of all, you to make sure you're using our dimensions correctly.

        Desktop minimum and mobile:
        The dimension of your YouTube Channel Art displayed when a viewer
        using a Desktop or Mobile visits your page. 1546x423

        As the name suggests, this is the dimension of your YouTube Channel Art
        Shown when a viewer visits your YouTube Channel using a Tablet. 1855x423

        Desktop Max:
        The proportion of your YouTube Channel Art shown to viewers
        Using a Desktop with a high-resolution monitor is 2560x423.

        The ratio of your YouTube Channel Art shown to viewers
        using a TV is 2560x1440.

        How to Add YouTube Channel Art

        Changing your YouTube Channel Art.
        After you've bought or created your very own YouTube Channel Art, it's now time to apply it
        to your YouTube Channel.

        The first thing is visiting your own YouTube Channel.
        If you're using the new YouTube Layout, you should click "Customize Channel."
        If not, you can click "Add Channel Art."

        After that, select your YouTube Channel Art, and you're all set!

        Changing your YouTube Channel Art

        Adapting our YouTube Channel Art.
        Awesome! You've just changed your YouTube Channel Art.
        You should now see the results per device!

        If you aren't happy with the results, this is the time to change it!

        If you're happy with the result, make sure you click "Select" to finalize your changes.

        YouTube Channel Art Result

        Our finished YouTube Channel Art example.
        You should now be able to change your YouTube Channels Art!
        The picture above shows what our YouTube Channel looks like now!