Broadband TV, also known as BBTV, is the third-largest video property in the world! 

Shahrzad Rafati founded BBTV in 2005.
She did this while completing her Computer Science BSc at the University of British Columbia.

Rafati is in the top 25 Most Powerful Women in Global Television.
She also listed in Canada's top 150 women, a book telling stories about the smartest females in Canada.

How did BBTV grow?

Back in 2009, BBTV (BroadBand TV) managed to get the NBA as one of their clients.
Now having the rights to this content, they started uploading and monetizing NBA footage.

A&E and Sony Pictures both noticed this and decided to sign up.
BBTV, now having two larger clients brought them so many more opportunities!
YouTubers were also in need of monetizing their content and thought joining BBTV would be a great way to connect with these large companies.

At this point, BBTV expanded and decided to develop more in this area,
the moment BBTV became a significant player in the MCN (Multi-Channel Network) Market.

Selling BBTV

RTL the European Media Giant, saw the significant growth BBTV had been making.
RTL was then showing a lot of interest in buying BBTV company.
Together they agreed.
And RTL Media Group bought 51% of BBTV for USD 36M.

BBTV Started Expending

In 2016 BBTV decided it was time to move their office.
BBTV went for a new and bigger space.

At this point, BBTV started working on their relationship with Sony Pictures co-releasing the official Breaking Bad YouTube Channel.

After this, BBTV started further expanding their opportunities.
The Media giant did this by expending to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt.

HashtagNetwork started.

After a lot of backlash within the MCN (Multi-Channel Network) market.
Rick de Jong, the founder of HashtagNetwork, thought it was time for a change!

"I was a YouTuber myself, and I heard so many YouTubers around me making comments on Machinima, Fullscreen, Makerstudios, BBTV, Freedom.
They all evolved around being 'just a number' and long-term contracts with ridiculous terms and revenue shares."

YouTube Partners First!

YouTube Partners First - The golden rule HashtagNetwork has been following.
We as a company, don't believe it's a good thing to show of you have 75.000 clients.
I mean if BBTV has 75.000 clients, than how can I every get in contact with anyone?
They must be way to busy handling the other 74.999 clients right?

Many of our clients are happily surprised, when we actually give our our personal phone number! We love to have contact with our clients via WhatsApp / Telegram and or Skype.

We think communication is key to doing business, and by combining everyones power the sky is the limit. And honestly, isn't that what a YouTube Network is supposed to be? - A business partner with loads of valuable contacts and more importantly, time for you to put them to work!

And this is where the competition lacks, everything is automated, and there's no personal contact.

HashtagNetwork's vision on the YouTube Landscape.

The YouTube landscape hasn't been easy the last few years.
Many companies like BBTV, Freedom, Fullscreen have all been profiting from the early years.
Back when YouTubers were amazed by the idea of "Making money on YouTube."

Something we're not at all amazed by in 2019, everyone knows there's money on the platform, and YouTube has matured a lot. But this made a lot of people interrested in their "service".

In 2012 - 2013 literally ANYONE could go to BBTV or any other network and start recruiting for them while earning a share of the YouTubers revenue. This is called a Sub-Network.

Sub-Networks make all of these MCN companies explode like crazy, but valuable support was nowhere to be found. Something we call: "Doing unscalable business."

The Partner should always be number one, and this wasn't the case!

YouTube was fed up with all of the companies profiting from the platform but adding no added value what so ever - They got rich quick but did nothing in return.

HashtagNetwork's approach

We don't brag about our number of clients.
We brag about working together with our awesome clients WE LOVE THEM!
Without them, there would be no us, never forget that!

This vision, makes us care about our partners and we really do put a lot of work into our partners! Nothing is too crazy as long as we can create a win-win situation for both.
Social media is made on creating win-win situations or cross-promotion, so not being a part of this game makes for a very weak foundation.

And this is exactly where we believe we'll make a massive impact in the next few years!


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